Dragon’s Dogma 2 promises a lot: first impressions of the alpha

From what little we could see in an hour of play (divided between a level 5 archer, a level 15 warrior and a thief of the same level) it is clear that The most powerful weapon in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a goblin corpse.. Since it’s possible to grab and throw anyone and anything in Capcom’s game, we soon realized that by throwing a goblin corpse at an enemy we were dealing a disproportionate amount of damage while also generating a huge grin on everyone’s face. our faces.

If you loved the first Dragon’s Dogma, at least in terms of atmosphere and mechanics, this second chapter promises to be a worthy sequel capable of carry forward the story of this atypical fantasy universe. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a nice game with a Fantasy setting in which to unleash your craziest antics, Dragon’s Dogma 2 promises to be the ideal playground for those who want to have absurd fun.

The game system based on pawns (gods AI-controlled companions that buff, heal, and fight alongside the player-controlled protagonist) is still a significant innovation compared to the way Bethesda makes RPGs where you find yourself alone against the world. These teammates They give directions, tell stories, fight and explain removing many annoying elements from the interface and making exploration and battles much more natural, almost as if we were in a Dungeons and Dragons group. Those who have never tried it will find in Dragon’s Dogma 2 a truly solid and well-structured architecture that accompanies the game.

The fight then changes radically from one character to another: the archer wants to keep his distance to do the most damage possible with the bow; The Warrior has a solid hack and slash approach with strong slashes and combos that consume little stamina; The thief, on the other hand, deals a lot of quick hits, has access to electrical powers, and consumes a lot of stamina for his special attacks while traveling a long distance. The general feeling was that of a dynamic, customizable and entertaining game but there were some things that convinced us less.

We tested an alpha, of course, but at first glance, on a graphical level, it seemed that we were taking a leap in time not one but two generations ago. The colors were very flat and the textures very unrefined. an experience that, visually, left much to be desired. We were also a little concerned about the limited variety of enemies we faced because they remained unchanged in both the level 5 section with the archer and in the 15 sections with the warrior and the thief. There have always been the same goblins, harpies and giant cyclops, but Capcom promises an extremely explorable world in which we expect the opponents to be many and varied.

If the quality of a game is also measured by the number of smiles it manages to generate, So we can’t help but wait for the next opportunity we will have to try this game. Throwing the corpse of a goblin at a harpy to knock it down or throwing a boar at a cyclops to stun it really amused us and lightened the atmosphere of the game making each confrontation (always and in any case approached in a serious and calculated manner) the opportunity to experience something even crazier. Can’t you hit a harpy? Throw yourself at her, jump and grab her, you will grab her claws to throw her to the ground and hit her with blows. This and many other absurdities await you in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and we are sure that a good part of the public is already eagerly awaiting it, just like us. To learn more about the game, simply tune in to Capcom’s YouTube channel on November 28 at 10 pm to watch the official reveal.

-by Riccardo Lichene

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