Drake and Joe Budden’s Beef: A Timeline of Disease

Drake’s holiday-themed review For All Dogs Scary Hour Edition (otherwise known as scary hours 3): J. Cole and Rosalia remain on Drake’s nice list, while Joe Budden and Pusha T remain on Drake’s naughty list. There’s a lot to unpack — too much, in fact — so we’re going to focus solely on Budden, who criticized Drake for “rappin’ to kids.” for all dogs On release on 6 October. Drake apparently reacted to this scary hours edition The track “Stories About My Brother,” rapping, “Imagine getting our validation from a former musician looking for recognition.” But there’s a lot more – seriously, just an enormous amount – about where that barbed wire came from.

Below is all you need to know from a timeline of Budden and Drake’s beef and diss.

“good riddance”

2009: Several outlets, including HipHopDX, explored Budden and Drake’s connection in 2009 due to the resurgence of videos from the early days of Budden’s Joe Budden TV YouTube channel. In it, Drake says that he is honored to be with Budden because he used to listen to him. However, around the same time there was a song called “Good Riddance” in which Drake rapped, “If I copy Budden’s flow, you copy his career/And the same money we hear you donating to charity. Are.” It’s not entirely wrong to wonder if that ancient bar is the root of Budden’s bitterness, given that Drake went from being a self-proclaimed fan to making fun of Budden’s career trajectory.

Joe Budden hates Scene

May 2016: During an episode of the podcast named after Budden I’ll name this podcast laterBudden criticized Drake’s album, Scene, saying that Drake was feeling “real fuckin’ uninspired” (as relayed by Complex). To be fair, Budden did acknowledge Drake’s rap (and pop culture) prowess, saying, “When he puts something on, you stop what you’re doing, right?”

“4pm in Calabasas”

June 2016: It is believed that Drake evoked Budden’s subliminal shadow in his single “4PM in Calabasas”, although Drake never mentioned Budden by name. On the 68th episode of Budden’s aforementioned podcast, he addressed Drake’s credibility as a songwriter and his perceived disloyalty to him in a 20-plus-minute segment annotated by Complex at the time.

Joe Budden leaves “Making a Murderer, Part 1” and “Fear”

July 2016: Budden (again, seemingly but more or less definitely) refers to Drake as his child in “Making a Murderer, Part 1”. The song’s interlude is audio from the above video of their first meeting, during which Drake introduced himself as a fan and lashed out at Budden. Later in the song, Budden raps, “You made me proud, boy, but it seems like my baby’s crazy / Despite all the strength he’s gained, his daddy still has doubts.”

Drake then responded with “No Shopping”, leading to Budden’s “Afraid”, which samples Drake’s “The Resistance” and finds Budden repeatedly going at Drake. Perhaps most notably: “Yes, Aubrey, this is the one we trusted / This is not the new Aubrey with a sculpted belly / I’m disappointed, you’re such an incumbent / Can’t rule, trusting the public *Kalinga puppet is becoming useless.

Umm, liposuction?

July 2016: So, about that “Aubrey sculpted her abs” line. After the song’s release, Budden retweeted that Drake had visited plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael “Dr.” Had liposuction done (twice). Miami” Salzhauer. Uproxx conducted significant follow-up investigative journalism seeking the opinions of plastic surgeons as to whether Budden’s outrageous claim might be true.

joe budden on hot ones

Yes, still July 2016: Budden stopped hot onesWhere he addressed Drake fans who recently showed up uninvited outside his home.

Drake trolls Joe Budden’s pool party

August 2019: Drake is as adept at trolling as he is at rapping, as evidenced by his impressive commitment to trolling Budden’s private pool party, which Budden made the mistake of live streaming on Instagram.

attempt to crush their beef

April 2020: The start of 2020 presented us with a number of confounding factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential Budden-Drake solution – which are obviously equally confounding. Budden was live on Instagram and Drake was active in the comments. Eventually, Drake joined Budden live and they had a friendly exchange. Budden joked that Drake was avoiding him, to which Drake replied, “I never avoid you; “We’re never in the same place.”

Petey Drake thrives in St. Tropez

July 2022: Take it or leave it: Drake posted a video to his Instagram Story from a restaurant in St. Tropez with Budden’s “Pump It Up” playing (as relayed) XXL those days). “Where else, Joey, would you make them so mad?” Drake can be heard saying in the video. By now, needless to say, this was meant in a joking tone.

joe budden slam for all dogs

October 2023: Moving forward into the present to preserve what is left of our collective sanity. budden didn’t care about drake for all dogs Album. Right after Drake dropped it on October 6, Budden dedicated a portion of his podcast to burning it down. DJ Akademiks posted a snippet on Instagram where Drake dropped a tall The comment felt like it was a decade in the making.

This is what Drake wrote:

“@joebudden you have failed at music. You left it all behind to do what you’re doing in this clip because that’s what really pays your bills. For any artist watching this, just remember that you are watching a failure, give your opinion on his idea of ​​the recipe for success… give your opinion on how a sacrificer can achieve longevity. ..You have changed your career, due to which the things that are coming to your mind are coming. Broke a living check to check and rap you wrote 450 men in dusty anise jeans came to your show on Mood Muzik 29 to mess up your face and pretend you were the GOAT…please To any artist out there doing what they feel is right don’t let these thoughts impact your mindset after the fact…

This guy is the poster child of desperation and dedication. You retired and we never hung up your jersey, we don’t even remember your number. We know you do this…you didn’t back out of rap because you did everything it took, because it wasn’t working for you. I never want any of the future generations to think that ‘everyone has the right to their own opinion’ is a real thing… This is a man who is projecting his own hatred and that fact Is what I did and continues to do everything he wanted to do for himself. Simply put I have a 767 if you need it…he has a modest home in a 973 and flies first class on special occasions.

Drake gets the last laugh (for now)

November 2023: This morning, November 17, Drake dropped “Stories About My Brother” as a part of For All Dogs Scary Hour Edition, In it he raps, “Imagine getting our validation from a former musician looking for recognition.” welcome!

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