Drake Bell returns to Mexico and delights Chilango with an intimate show

With the capacity to stand 2 thousand people, Drake Bell He joined the carousel of concerts in Mexico City in August, and he was not going to miss an opportunity to charm even a fraction of the public who loved him in the capital.

The rocker became famous for starring in the series “” from 2004 to 2007.drake and josh“Three years was enough for Nickelodeon to become a pop culture icon in Mexico, which was reinforced with visits to the country, where it strengthened its bond with the Hispanic public.

Many of his songs, which he played live this Friday, are related to that aspect as an actor, such as “Found a Way”, songs such as the classic theme featured in the series, and “Soul Man”, or “I Know”. Other Songs”, who sang during their performance of just over an hour in the hinterland of the capital.

During that time, Drake devoted himself entirely to presenting himself to his audience, and wearing a leopard print shirt, he chanted “Look!” They started chanting slogans, probably alluding to the photos leaked two years ago, where he was seen completely naked. ,

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But of his entire show, the song that drew the most attention was his cover of “La Camisa Negra,” a song by the group Juanes, which Drake, without a second’s hesitation in his Spanish accent, interpreted as He must have been born in Colombia.

It also included other covers such as Elvis Presley’s original “Suspicious Minds”, which Drake had composed during soundchecks as he stated as the show progressed, and “Something”, a song composed by George Harrison for The Abbey Road. was also included. Beetle.

After other songs such as “Make Me Happy”, “Going Away”, “It’s Never Over”, Drake met a false end, with over a thousand people chanting his name at the Condesa Hippodromo building demanding one more song. to which the American singer finally offered to say goodbye.

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But the final farewell took place on the outskirts of the building, when the singer left in a car, being followed in the streets by her fans, still she walked through a traffic jam on Avenida Insurgentes Sur to say goodbye with photos and smiles. Stopped at the light. on his face. His Chilango is the face of the public.

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