Drake clashed by a troll, he DMs his wife

You didn’t have to look for it.

The 6 God is once again being talked about on the web. As an avid NBA fan, he regularly comments on basketball games, shares his point of view and sometimes even turns into a troll. Without real malice, he regularly makes fun of certain players or certain teams like the Sixers lately.

This week, the rapper took part in a debate about some professional basketball players, who have fathers who are extremely invested in their careers. A position that Drake fully understands, being himself the father of a young boy, Adonis. He said in an Instagram story: “All you can do is be thrilled and competitive and that’s a must if you want him to go far. I know I’d be like that even if my son is in a Rubik’s cube competition”. A comment that made a lot of people react. Among them was a troll who posted a comment alluding to the ghost-writing rumors, which have been dogging Drake for some time. He commented: “Your son probably plays with ghost writers”.

It was enough for Drizzy to react immediately. An hour after the famous reflection, he replied: “I just followed your girlfriend because she’s probably unhappy and needs some excitement in her life.” He said it and he did it! The woman in question showed in her story that one of the most streamed artists in the world had just followed her on Instagram. Worse still (or even better, depending on his point of view), Drake sent him a DM: “I’m here for you Ma”. A rather surprising and even very comical situation. The proof, the troll in question, that is to say the husband, also found the situation extremely funny and shared it on Instagram:

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