Drake mocks his dad’s tattoo for him

Five years ago, Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, had his son’s face tattooed on his arm to pay tribute to him. Even several years later, the rapper still carries his father as much.

Proud of his son the rapper Drake, Dennis Graham had decided, 5 years ago, to have his head tattooed on his arm. An act full of love but which seems somewhat missed. Besides, Drake still does not recover from it, and does not fail to let it be known. Including having posted a photo via Instagram last week, with a slightly sarcastic caption.

“I was just sitting there wondering why you made me like this. We are from the same family, however, ”wrote the rapper just below the photo. A comment to which his father did not fail to react in a tone of humor, too.

“I love you and I miss you. Hahaha, I asked 16 people to try to fix this, and it hurts, ”retorted Dennis Graham.

And it must be said that Drake does not miss an opportunity to gently make fun of his father. Since the photo he posted is actually the first version of the tattoo. Dennis Graham then had it redone in 2018, and the result was much more convincing.

Note that Drake is also a fan of tattoos since he has a number of them. Including the faces of the Beatles, Denzel Washington or even Aaliyah. He even wanted to be Celine Dion’s, but the Canadian singer begged him not to.

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