Drake openly snubbed a fan at a nightclub

Drake is very fond of his fans, although one of them was disappointed recently at being snubbed.

The young woman desperately tried to capture Dreezy’s attention

drake has been ubiquitous on social media in recent days. It was first by showing his dance moves with 2Rare during the filming of the clip ”Sticky” at Miami. The other subject for which he makes headlines is much less brilliant. This is a video in which we see him ignoring a woman who was waiting to show him her admiration.

The video surfaced on Tuesday (June 28) and shows drake partying with a group of fans in a nightclub. In the sequence, we see Drizzy greet everyone around him except the only woman on the team. It is not yet known if the Canadian rapper intentionally swerved the latter.

However, it could be that Champagne Papi got caught up in the moment with everyone else around him. At one point, it looks like she’s about to get some attention from the man who was with her. He was shaking hands with Drizzy trying to get him to notice the young woman who was desperately trying to get his attention.

Even there, Grandpa Champagne turned to the man to his left to strike up a conversation.

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