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Taylor Swift and Drake both had great nights out at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (November 19). Swift won 10 awards, bringing her career total to 39. Drake won five awards, bringing his career total to 39 – would you believe it? – 39 too. As a result, both chart titans are tied for most career wins at the BBMAs.

Swift won the Top Artist award for the third time at this year’s BBMAs, having previously won in 2013 and 2015. Drake has the most wins in this category. He won this title in 2017, 2019 and 2022.

Swift won the Top Billboard 200 Artist award for a record sixth time. Drake has won this award three times.

Both artists have won Top Billboard 200 Album twice. Swift won that award grid in 2013 and 1989 Drake won in 2015 Scene in 2017 and Scorpion In 2019.

Swift’s 10 awards this year are her best performance yet at the BBMAs. He had previously won eight awards in both 2013 and 2015.

Drake’s best year to date at the BBMAs was 2017, when he won 13 awards. He came close to that mark in 2019, when he won 12 awards. This is the second year in a row that he has won five awards.

The two artists have been chart rivals since their debut in the 2000s. Swift first hit the Billboard 200 in November 2006, almost three years before Drake’s debut in October 2009.

On the Billboard 200, their statistics match up quite evenly. The duo have had 13 number 1 albums and 16 top 10 albums. If you look at the total weeks at No. 1 on that chart, Swift is far ahead: 65 weeks to 35 weeks.

On the Billboard Hot 100, Drake leads with 13 number 1 hits compared to 11 for Swift and 76 top 10 hits compared to 49 for Swift. If you look at the total weeks at No. 1 on that chart, Drake is far ahead: 56 weeks to 33 weeks for Swift.

Drake surprisingly acknowledged Swift’s chart power in the lyrics of opening track “Red Button” scary hours 3 The EP, which was released on Friday (November 17) as part of its recent extended edition for all dogs Album.

“Taylor Swift is the only N-A I’ve ever rated / Only one can make me drop an album after a while / The rest I treat you like you never made it / Destroy your label Do it / Even when you pad the stats, period, I never hated,” he raps on the song.

Last year, Drake held off the release his lossHer collab album with 21 Savage, which was originally scheduled for October 28, 2022, to November 4, appears to avoid competing with Swift’s second week. Midnight, The strategy worked: his loss hit Midnight out of number 1 spot Board 200 – However, Swift, being Swift, regained the top spot the following week (and held it for six consecutive weeks, with last week being the only week). his loss,

Will Swift or Drake break their tie and advance to next year’s BBMAs? stay tuned. It is unlikely that any other artist will surpass him any time soon. The No. 3 artist on the all-time BBMA leaderboard is Justin Bieber with 26 wins, followed by The Weeknd with 22 and Garth Brooks with 20.

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