Dramatic story of the wife of the Paraguayan prosecutor murdered in Cartagena

Through tears, the journalist Claudia Aguilera revealed in SEMANA how was the assassination attack suffered by her husband, prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, while they were enjoying their honeymoon on the island of Barú, Cartagena. Aguilera said that she was enjoying her vacation when two men showed up and they fired indiscriminately, she was miraculously saved.

The victim and wife of the prosecutor recounted the moments of horror she experienced when the two gunmen who arrived on a jet ski, got out of the vehicle and in a matter of minutes attacked her husband, she assured that nobody could do anything, not even the security personnel. hotel security.

“They arrived at the hotel’s private beach… nothing could be done, they arrived and immediately and they shot, while we were on the beach, the security personnel could not react”Claudia said while trying to overcome such a tragedy.

It was the journalist and wife of the prosecutor who assured that she had no threats against her and precisely for that reason, they did not have security in their passage through Colombia, They also opted for a hotel that would guarantee them some security scenario, which the gunmen clearly managed to overcome.

“No, I had no threat, We only arrived to spend the holidays, we walked without a guard, there was no risk of revenge, we had no risk, because we were in the hotel”, Claudia pointed out in communication with SEMANA.

Gunmen on a jet ski assassinated a Paraguayan prosecutor.  The Police advance the investigation and the hypothesis of a case of hired assassins is the closest
Gunmen on a jet ski assassinated a Paraguayan prosecutor. The Police advance the investigation and the hypothesis of a case of hired assassins is the closest – Photo: Courtesy

Claudia Aguilera told how the last moments she spent with her husband were, prosecutor Marcelo Pecci. He assured the communicator that they were in the hotel and the prosecutor He was very calm, one more reason to enjoy his vacation that was about to end in Cartagena and then return to Asunción, Paraguay.

“No threat, he was totally calm… we were walking without a guard, we felt no risk of threat or revenge, he was very calm, they informed us that a delegation from Paraguay will come, we hope they will arrive,” said the prosecutor’s wife.

The entourage to which the wife of the assassinated prosecutor in Cartagena refers, is the same one anticipated by the director of the Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, after noting that once the facts were known, the authorities of Paraguay and together with the United States were notified, advance the investigation.

“We have spoken with United States authorities so that they also join the investigative team and bring those responsible to justice. We already have information that is being collected in urgent acts, which are of a reserved nature, all the capacities of the police and the Prosecutor’s Office are committed to clarifying this unfortunate homicide,” said the director of the Police, General Jorge Vargas.

The Prosecutor’s Office also assured that a team of investigators will take on the process and, in the company of Legal Medicine experts, will carry out urgent acts in order to establish those responsible for this criminal act and particularly who would be the intellectual authors.

“Similarly, extend a greeting of solidarity to the Public Ministry of the Republic of Paraguay in the face of this unfortunate loss that mourns the administration of justice and the fight against crime,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

For now, the hypothesis of a hitman fact is the one that gains more strength among researchers. The context of the crime, how the killers got to the hotel, the attack he suffered the prosecutor and the statements of the witnesses who were on the same beach when the official was murdered.

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