DRAW – Celestén achieves the highest amount in 2023, US$4.9 MM with Seattle

Pedro G. Briceno

A young man from La Romana, just 16 years old, became the highest paid baseball player for signing with a professional team in 2023.

This is Felnin Celestén, who went from being a drummer in the church to signing with the Seattle Mariners.

Celestén trained at the JD Ozuna Baseball Factory Academy, in the community of Guerra, and received a bonus of almost five million dollars.

This young man becomes the second highest paid short stop to sign a contract in the transfer of the so-called “July 2”, which now becomes January 15.

The highest paid in the history of Dominican signings at short stops is Robert Puason, who in 2019 managed to sign for 5.1 million dollars, and who also left the JD Ozuna Baseball Factory academy.

The teenager, according to scouts, has all the skills of the game, despite his young age.

He can hit with power with both hands, as well as his good legs; but what many talk about is his glove, who with one hand like a magician, dazzles the fans when he fields a ground ball.

The Seattle Mariners see Felnin as a franchise player who, like many other Dominicans, can excel at an early age in the majors.

He is the son of Fisne Celestén Oyental and Ruth Daniela Antonio Gue, a family with limited economic resources, who now see their life change course, due to the talent that God placed in the hands of Fenil, and the teachings of an academy that focused on the professional development of a child with skills that can still be polished.

Felnin Celestén is a player who will be making a lot of news, for his way of enjoying every baseball matchup, and for the desire to continue making his family feel proud.

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