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Surgeon Enrique Orozco talks about the hair transplant procedure a person with alopecia goes through

is september alopecia awareness monthIt is an autoimmune disease which can be described as an insufficient ability of the immune system to recognize the “origin” of each individual, thereby producing antibodies against the body’s cells, tissues or organs.

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in an exclusive interview with CapitalDirector General Enrique Orozco from the clinic DREO who deals with hair transplantation, They talked about this condition that can happen to one percent of the population, as well as its causes, consequences, and treatments.

Although various pages have specified this alopecia Like a disease, the surgeon also disagrees completely, so his explanation is more about the deficiency that is in the recognition body. Ā«Alopecia is a condition that is really characteristic of human beings… So, it is not that everybody says ‘it is a disease’ and it is ‘a problem’, it is not a disease, but diseases They are alopecia, or I mean, there are diseases that cause alopecia.”Gave Assurance Orozco.

He also emphasized that alopecia areata This is one that many people look for and is more recognized as the one that causes hair loss to form circles on the head, something that only happens to 2% of the population It occurs due to the stress people experience throughout their lives and, however, he stresses that for 70% of those who suffer from it, it is usually temporary as it disappears naturally. It happens.

“That’s how the month of September started and now they’ve made it alopecia month, which is an awareness month… and that’s where we have to be wise in knowing why we raise awareness about alopecia , we have already discussed this but it is a very emotional issue and it is a matter which is related to emotions and ultimately our health as well as mental health and emotions.

Dr. Enrique Orozco

Enrique Orozco
Courtesy Polo Gonzalez

To all this, the doctor told that to help people who have a lot of hair loss problem, there are two treatments which are highly proven in different institutes as good alternatives, which are Minoxidil (a pill which helps in growth and Contributes to the strength) of the skull, ) and antiandrogenic (which removes testosterone from certain parts of the body to firm up the head area), but both have adverse consequences that only occur in 4-5% of people who are treated, such as high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction Severe depression, loss of irritation.

Enrique Orozco
Courtesy Polo Gonzalez

For hair graft, he said that in order to avoid the risks caused by the drugs during the procedure, each patient has to undergo pre-examinations to ascertain whether the person is suitable for either of the two options. is better. Make it work in a different way. When the day of operation arrives, the hair follicles at the back of the head are carefully ‘pulled’ to begin delivery to the areas that need to be covered.

Then comes the part of the care where you need to sleep in a semi-sitting position; Avoid consuming any type of caffeine for 7 days and avoid heavy physical exertion, which should be done for 3 weeks, in addition, you cannot be exposed to the sun for a month. Despite the fact that it is something “basic” to follow, it has been quite difficult for some people due to their lifestyle, such was the case with the actor Eric Rubin The one who has not accepted the process because his presence in the gym and on stage, are activities that do not give him the rest he needs.

Enrique Orozco
Courtesy Polo Gonzalez

But all the care and waiting will pay off within the first 4 months of treatment, although the results will be true (as he commented). Enrique) will be clearly reflected after the sixth or seventh month, making many patients and artists feel satisfied with the results.

some celebrities like Poncho de Nigris, Ricardo Perez, Carlos Trejo, Regina Blandon, Diego de Aris, Yurem And Manu Nana Thank you doctor for being a part of this experience Enrique Orozco He has supported them so that their treatment is done properly. You will need to go to the clinic for further appointments Andres Palacios And jose eduardo derbez, considered doing this procedure. Similarly, in the field of theatre, he is in creative talks about a new play, which he did not reveal much about, but which he is excited to share with the public.


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