Dresses: All the trending designs for Autumn-Winter 2022

In pursuit of novelty and betting on the versatile, it would not be crazy to start talking about the dresses that will be fashionable the next station. Because yes, there are cuts, textures and colors that could well already be on the street.

The dresses what will they be trend East Fall-Winter 2022 They are already beginning to sneak into both physical and digital stores: just take a look at the ‘new collection’ section of (almost) any brand to begin to see a twist that bets on more quantities of fabric, another color palette and other lengths that invite you to think about the next drop in temperatures.

Although, depending on which area you are in, the heat is still present, it seems that the time has come to see and analyze some of the most outstanding dresses according to Fall-Winter 2022 trends. The direct consequences? Greater awareness when planning potential purchases, a little more ease in experimenting with outfits and the construction (finally) of a capsule wardrobe and a clearer vision of what is happening in the industry on a visual and creative level.

How are the dresses in trend for Autumn-Winter 2022?

transparent dresses

Bottega Veneta.Photo: Courtesy

The maxim on the catwalk is to show underwear. Thus, Bottega Veneta included in its collection of Fall-Winter 2022 a sequin dress completely transparent, linked to matching gloves and long metallic boots. While Alexander McQueen opts for a transparent dress matching black with a leather jacket and pointed-toe ballerinas. Miu miu It offers us an avant-garde and elegant option with details in rhinestones or rhinestones in light tones.

We have also seen the naked dress in street style version, Emily Ratajkowski he wore it on New York, in the afternoon, with comfortable sports shoes. In low temperatures, you can combine it with an XL down coat or a leather jacket.

Fall-Winter 2022.Alexander McQueen/Gorunway

Fall-Winter 2022.Miu Miu / Gorunway

Emily Ratajkowski on the streets of New York. Photo: Getty Images

cut out dresses

Fall-Winter 2022. Ralph Lauren/Gorunway

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