Drew Barrymore changes her look and is now blonde, compared to JLo

drew Barrymore has been characterized by carrying the brown hair for years, showing off perfect and well-armed waves.

This look flatters and rejuvenates, as it brings freshness to age 40 or older, and it also goes very well for white-skinned women, but the famous actress decided to renew her appearance recently.

And it is that left aside her brown tone, to opt for a lighter, elegant and rejuvenating tone, With which She was compared to Jennifer Lopez.

The new look of Drew Barrymore for which they compare her with JLo at 47

For one of your programs The Drew Barrymore Show, the famous He changed his look and opted for long blonde hair, in the best style of JLo.

The person in charge of her youthful and sexy look was Chris Appleton, the stylist of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, so it’s not surprising that Drew look like JLo.

Through her Instagram account, the protagonist of Charlie’s Angels showed off her new look very happy and proud, showing that he took a few years off himself.

“Wow I thought it was JLo”, “OMG what a good look, you look divine”, “I love it, you look like Jennifer López”, “wow JLo’s lost sister”, “what a good look, it suits you very well”, and “you took years off yourself, you look like Jennifer”, were some of the reactions in their networks.

This look is ideal for women aged 40 and over, as it provides modernity, freshness, sensuality, and elegance, and it goes well with short or long hair.

You can wear this style with waves, and swept ends to make you look fashionable, and more beautiful than ever.

Although Drew fell in love with everyone with his look, it was only a momentary thing, because he wore a wig with natural hair.

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