Drew Barrymore says Jimmy Fallon was the first person to tell her she had a ‘crooked smile’

Drew Barrymore never knew she had a “crooked smile” until close friend Jimmy Fallon told her.

“I didn’t know I had a crooked smile until you told me on ‘Fever Pitch,'” Barrymore tells the “Tonight Show” host in a recently posted segment for “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

“I said you have a nice smile. You speak out of the side of your mouth. It’s in the movie,” Fallon corrects the presenter.

Barrymore revealed that she was unaware of her quirky and adorable way of speaking until Fallon pointed it out to her, which Fallon found hard to believe.

“I didn’t know that until you said it!” Barrymore tells her friend. «I lived 28 years free of -«

“Have you ever seen anyone do an impression of you?” Fallon intervenes. “You have this cute kind of talking out of the side of your mouth.”

Barrymore played workaholic businesswoman Lindsey Meeks in the 2005 romantic comedy, while Fallon played laid-back high school teacher Ben Wrightman.

Film Still / Publicity Still for Fever Pitch Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore © 2005 20th Century Fox Photo Credit: Ava Gerlitz File Reference # 30736075THA For Editorial Use Only – All Rights Reserved (Alamy Stock Photo)

While improvising some dialogue during filming, Fallon’s character noticed Barrymore’s character’s offbeat smile, and lingered.

«Yes, I improvised it but it came out in the film. People enjoyed it,” the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member boasts.

“You changed my life!” Barrymore moans dramatically as Fallon pulls her into her arms to hug her.

“And now I understand why people make the impression,” she adds.

Fallon showed her co-star how her lips move when she speaks.

“Do I have a lisp, too?” Barrymore asks.

“It’s so cute, you have a lisp too,” Fallon tells him.

Barrymore previously opened up to actress Kate Hudson about Fallon’s remark on set about the way she talks.

The “Fever Pitch” directors the Farrelly brothers, he explained, loved when Fallon and Barrymore improvised while filming. So, Fallon decided to comment on her speaking style to “surprise” her during a scene.

“I never noticed (how he talked),” he tells Hudson. in a clip of the program. “That was the moment that changed my life and held up a mirror to the fact that I never even realized it before Jimmy Fallon told me on the ‘Fever Pitch’ set.”

“Now I see it,” he adds.

In November 2020, Barrymore was joined by “This Is Us” star Milo Ventimiglia for his lopsided grins. In fact, Ventimiglia said his trademark smile once helped him land an acting job playing Sylvester Stallone’s son.

“I have a crooked smile too,” Barrymore tells his guest at the start of their chat.

“Yours is much more beautiful than mine,” Ventimiglia replies.

The former “Gilmore Girls” star told Barrymore how a specialist offered to “repair” his smile with surgery when he was a child.

“I looked at them and said, ‘No, it’s great. It’s me. It’s okay. I don’t really care,'” she recalls. “I bite my lip from time to time, but otherwise I’m fine.”

Plus, Ventimiglia adds, “He helped me get a job once with Sylvester Stallone.”

“I was auditioning for ‘Rocky Balboa’ and (Stallone) said something funny and we both started laughing,” recalls the actor. “And he looks at me and he’s like, he’s like (doing a Stallone impression), ‘Wow, his lip even hooks like mine.'”

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