Drew Barrymore’s slip on Johnny Carson’s ‘Tonight Show’ left her with a positive outlook

When Drew Barrymore was 7 years old, she was already famous enough to receive an invitation to be interviewed by TV icon Johnny Carson on The program tonight. It was apparent that he had what it took to be a superstar from the start. A great example was how she recovered from a slip and fall during her driveway and the prospect that she later said she gave him the moment. She reads on to find out how she recovered herself and the attitude she had about it.

Drew Barrymore visited Johnny Carson in 1982

As Barrymore once reminded current late-night host John Oliver, she was invited to an interview with Carson at such a young age because she was in Eastern Time Before being in that classic movie, he was born to a long line of actors and Hollywood royalty. So, considering all those factors, she was already famous when she was 7 years old.

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