drinking coffee may increase its levels in men, the study

A recent study found that drinking coffee increases blood cholesterol levels in men and not in women. Here because.

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The consumption of espresso can cause increased cholesterol levels in men but not women, according to a new study.
Norwegian researchers analyzed the effects of different types of coffee on the blood cholesterol levels of men and women. Consumption of this filtered drink was found to be linked to higher cholesterol levels in women.

Previous studies had linked naturally occurring chemicals in coffee with higher levels of cholesterol in the blood. This can become a problem with heart disease, including stroke. The Norwegian scholars examined the link between the preparation method and cholesterol, looking at how people drank the stimulant par excellence and assessing blood levels afterwards.

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Espresso and high cholesterol, the Norwegian study

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The research looked at information from more than 21,000 people over the age of 40. The analysis showed that the links between espresso and cholesterol vary depending on the method of preparation, with Significant differences between man and woman. People who drank three to five espressos a day were more likely to have higher blood cholesterol levels than those who drank no coffee. Furthermore, it was the men who drank the most express who appeared to have higher cholesterol concentrations than the women.

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Participants who drank more than six cups of coffee expressed increased levels compared to those who did not drink it. In this case the side effect was seen more in women than in men. In conclusion, the study found no significant link between instant coffee and cholesterol levels. Most importantly, espresso consumption was significantly associated with an increase in S-TC (total serum cholesterol). This drink is the most consumed stimulant in the world. Due to its high consumption, even small health effects can occur which can have considerable consequences.

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