driver minimizes warnings from climate expert (VIDEO)

Internet users viralized the bad reaction of a news anchor to the testimony of an expert regarding the current heat wave, comparing her way of responding to that of brie evanteethe presenter embodied by Cate Blanchett in the film Don’t Look Up.

In the film, the character of Cate Blanchett and his newscast partner dismiss what was said by the space experts, played by Leonardo Dicaprio Y Jennifer Lawrencewho warn of the imminent impact of an asteroid that will end the human race.

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Something similar happened this Thursday, when two British drivers interviewed a climate expert.

One of them, Bev Turnerdismissed the words of John Hammonda BBC climate expert, who claimed that the heat wave could take the lives of thousands of people.

“Now we are enjoying ourselves, but when we reach 40 degrees Celsius I think there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths. We all love warm weather, but this is going to be potentially lethal weather. It will be brief, but brutal,” Hammond said.

After mentioning this, the expert was interrupted by Bev Turnerwho had previously said that everyone should be happy with the weather.

“I wonder what happened to meteorologists to turn them all into doomsayers and harbingers of destruction. In all broadcasts, whenever someone talks about the weather, I hear that there will be hundreds of deaths, but haven’t we always had warm weather?

After the driver’s response to Hammond, her bad reaction to the expert’s opinion turned into a viral video.

The presenter was criticized by Internet users, who mocked her response to Hammond while comparing it to the attitude of Blanchett’s character in Don’t Look Up.

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