Drose’s reaction to Le Magistrade’s death; She criticized him for his hate speech against the LGBT+ community: “It’s disgusting”

Internet users criticized the YouTuber for his message regarding the magistrate’s death. (Photo: Santiago Saferstein-Cuartoscoro)

Angel David Revilla, better known on the Internet insectThis Wednesday, November 15, it was one of the main social media trends due to a message published on its official account. x -First Twitter-about the death of Magistrate Jesus Osiel Baena and his accomplice were identified Dorian Daniel Nieves,

“That’s how they mess with your screams and the blood you leave on the walls when you ask for help, Osiel. Because there were people who cared more about that story (LGBT+flag) than what your boyfriend did to you. They saw you with your murderer… because they are failed egoists. rest in peace.

The YouTuber also attached a photo of the Catholic mass with his status, where family, friends and other loved ones bid farewell to the magistrate. And his partner in Aguascalientes.

(Twitter: @@eldiariodedross)

But that’s not all, Dros also attacked those who have criticized his position on the matter which is still under investigation:

“Feel free to silence me, you are like a louse when they deny the official information that (many…) your own journalist colleagues are publishing. “I’m 41 years old, you look like you’re 50 and the diameter of your ass was 43 cm, paparazzi: they didn’t spare you a drop.”

The tweet of the Venezuelan YouTuber went viral in a matter of minutes and generated controversy among many users of the platform, as many assured that the message contained hatred against the LGBT+ community because they mentioned the direction of that research. In which he is currently. Aguascalientes authorities are working.

The magistrate’s death mobilized thousands of people across the country. (dark room)

“Regardless of respect for different sexual orientations, murder is regrettable, regardless of the motive. In life you have to keep limits while giving your opinion. Dros, you have to empathize with those affected and know when and how to form an opinion, hello!”, commented one internet user.

“Profiteering from this death is disgusting”, “cloudy”. “Don’t leave your cell phones for old people anymore.” Other users of the forum said, “No, that’s really bad dude, they can’t do that WTF.”

After the cremation at the Aguascaliente Cathedral, the remains of Jesús Osiel Baena were transferred to his native Saltillo, Coahuila, so that his loved ones could say goodbye to him while the investigation is still ongoing.

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