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Jose Faiber Hurtado Chavarro45 years old, led a life of luxury and eccentricity, in fact, he moved in high-end armored cars -his weakness-, guarded by three escorts.

Hurtado lived in an exclusive sector of Bogota and wore designer clothes and shoes and frequented high-end restaurants and nightclubs.

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From a rich life, Hurtado changed to spend his days confined in La Picota prison, waiting to be extradited to the United States, where it is required by the Court of the Southern District of Florida for drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit a crime.

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Hurtado, who according to the authorities was known in the world of traffickers of cocaine as the ‘Gato’, he was captured in March of this year in his luxurious apartment, which caused consternation among his neighbors, to whom he presented himself as a reputable merchant.

For the investigators of the Judicial Police (Dijín), the ‘Gato’ is the typical pure narco that he managed to infiltrate the high social spheres, where he posed as a businessman when in reality he was “one of the drug traffickers with the greatest power in the Mexican structures at the service of drug trafficking,” Dijín said.

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public enemies of the country

They point out ‘Gato’ for sending tons of cocaine.

According to the investigators, the ‘Gato’ has been in traffic for about 14 years cocaine and to launder his money he managed to become a partner in two important companies dedicated to moving passengers at the interdepartmental level.

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In the dossier against him, to which EL TIEMPO had access, it is indicated that ‘Gato’ “is recognized before the other drug traffickers in Mexico as a high-value target on a transnational scale for its experience in shipping large quantities of hydrochloride cocaine to the Jalisco New Generation cartels and the Sinaloa cartel”.

In addition, the document says, “Gato” is recognized in the world of drug traffickers for his strong belief in ‘black virgin’a devotion that he acquired from his Mexican partners who entrust their drug shipments to him despite the fact that in Mexico beliefs of this type tend to revolve more around Holy death or ‘Jesus Malverde’.

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The ‘Gato’, the Dijín researchers point out, “had had a gold pendant made and a thick chain that had accompanied him for more than 10 years, the face of the ‘black virgin’ is drawn on the pendant.”

He had control of drug trafficking in the Pacific

The dossier indicates that the ‘Gato’ was in charge of directing different activities for the control of drug trafficking from the Pacific and “had control over laboratories that are accentuated in Cauca and Nariño.”

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It is pointed out that even these departments the man sent one of his trusted men to verify the purity and quality of the drug, “this was the person in charge of making the load of cocaine that he sent to these Mexican organizations viable, a one of the most used brands is ADN, wrapped in khaki-colored ribbon with blue letters”.

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