Dua Lipa Already Has Her Own Barbie And She Shows Her Off With A Flirty Outfit

British singer Dua Lipa received a gift from Mattel after her song “Dance the Night”To reach the top of the popularity charts and celebrate his 28th birthday.

The singer happily celebrated the success of the theme song: “Dance The Night is Number 1 in the UK! My birthday week is still going on! Much love to everyone listening and streaming!”, Dua Lipa wrote.

The musical theme is part of the soundtrack for “Barbie”, the popular film directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who were in Mexico to promote the film. The feature film was a worldwide phenomenon, leading fans to flock to theaters dressed in pink.

Thanks to the success of the film and the tremendous talent of the British singer, the song “Dance the Night” has won the hearts of the public in different parts of the world. It is for her that the company that created the character Barbie gave Dua Lipa a personalized doll.

Barbie Dua Lipa features details that perfectly depict the singer, with similar hair colors, tattoos, and even her face. In addition, the model is dressed as Dua Lipa herself in the official video for “Dance the Night”.

The singer shared pictures with her gift in which she can be seen happy, With a crocheted checkered bikini in blue or purple tones and a hat made of the same fabric.

The film “Barbie”, produced by Warner Bros., was made with a budget of $146 million. and so far it’s managed to raise nearly a billion dollars worldwide, Which makes it one of the highest grossing films of 2023 so far.

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Dua Lipa boasts of her own Barbie flirty outfit

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