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In the most recent episode of his podcast “At your service”Dua Lipa’s director Tim Cook appeared as a guest Manzana, The singer did not hesitate to address controversial issues related to one of the most successful electronics brands worldwide.

Dua began the interview by mentioning during her research for the interview that, Alarming findings about child labor in cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, His direct question was:

Can you guarantee that the cobalt in my new iPhone 15 was not mined using child labor in the DRC?

The full answer to the question of whether the cobalt in the new iPhone 15 was mined using child labor Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was as follows:

Yes, we can guarantee it, because we do two things well. First of all, I have to back up and say that our long-term goal is to take nothing from the earth to make our products. It’s a great idea to not have to remove anything, using all recycled materials.

“Currently, we are using 100% recycled cobalt in the watch and 100% recycled gold, tin, tungsten and other materials in the water. We are very proud of this. But for those products we still have to “We have an in-depth product level traceability in our supply chain all the way to the mine and the smelter to make sure the work doesn’t involve child labor. And I think we do a good job of that.”

Apple CEO highlights positivity towards future with new products Emphasis on old phone recycling service, He said that he understands that people want to upgrade and get new devices. If the old phone works, they clean it and resell it to someone looking for a used phone.

If that doesn’t work, they destroy it robotically and recycle the material., which are used in the manufacturing of new phones as part of recycled materials. It highlighted a closed loop process that they have worked on significantly to reuse all old phones, offering it as a service.

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Dua Lipa’s question has created a stir on social media. Because it’s somewhat courageous to ask an Apple director face to face, However, it is also interesting to know the direct answer given by Tim Cook.

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