Dua Lipa couldn’t lie, takes a lie detector test

No lies! The singer Dua Lipa was attending the Vanity Fair studios to do a fun and a little scary activity, as she undergoes a lie detector test, while being asked questions about her music and her career, without neglecting her private life.

We all know that the british He is an excellent music celebrity, since since he released his first studio album he is here to stay and with the magical era of “Future Nostalgia“Without a doubt his career, his fame rose considerably, but now we will see how much he lies about the questions.

First, to calibrate the polygraph, they asked basic questions to Dua Lipa For example, his age, which at that time was 25 years old, since it was in August 2021, his name, what he did and since everything was true, it was calibrated correctly, so the questions began .

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About her career, the interviewer asked her some questions about the lyrics of her songs, where we discovered that most of the lyrics she writes are experiences that the singer herself has lived through in her personal life, or at least that’s how we were able to verify it with “New Rules” Y “levitating“.

Another very interesting aspect of the video that is available on the official channel of GQ Mexico and Latin America is that Dua Lipa He is a faithful believer in horoscopes and has even sought the compatibility of certain couples he has had, a very common action among people who have this belief.

In general, rarely did the polygraph show that the interpreter of “break my heartShe was lying, when asked about the keys given to her by the Kosovo government, she did not remember exactly where they were, just like when asked if she always enjoyed being the center of attention.

It was a different and very fun interview, where Dua Lipa could be seen a little nervous about what the polygraph could show and make her look like a liar, but in general she enjoyed it a lot and let alone her fans.


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