Dua Lipa has declared her love for these Balenciaga normcore sneakers (which go perfectly with baggy jeans)

Dua Lipa He has left the impressive stage looks for a moment to concentrate on his New York outfits. It is in the Big Apple where british singer reveals the best of her effortless style and achieves it through basic garments, however, her basics are not the same as those of other more classic celebrities. For her, her essentials consist of baggy jeans and normcore sneakers.

Dua Lipa confirms which are your favorite normcore sneakers

Since the weekend, he was seen walking around New York wearing this perfect combination for a casual day. Now, with a new styling, Levitating singer Dua Lipahas confirmed what their normcore style tennis favourites. And no, they are not white, they are black, robust and utilitarian in style: the Balenciaga Runner.

Dua Lipa wears Balenciaga normcore sneakers with gray baggy jeans.Gotham

Balenciaga Runner sneakers.Courtesy.

How to combine normcore sneakers with baggy jeans?

This sneaker model is characterized by its appearance that leans towards the ugly trend, a hallmark of the firm directed by Demna Gvasalia. Dua Lipa combines them with some baggy jeans with wide legs, mid-waisted and washed gray, a combo that we have already seen in other style prescribers such as Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart and Bella Hadid.

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