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this Monday dua lipa released new leads about third album In one of his interviews for the American media ‘the new York Times,, After achieving great success as a result of his first two recordings, ‘Dua Lipa’ And ‘Memories of the Future’with which she managed to become the first female artist Multiple albums in the top ten billion streams On the streaming platform, the British-Albanian interpreter will try not to disappoint her followers and continue her stellar career.

As the artist was able to assure, His new album will be officially released next year, However, Lipa confirmed that we’ll likely hear new stuff from the artist before 2024. Similarly, the singer revealed that she is testing out new sounds and musical styles, no different from the typical pop British

Unlike her previous works, Lipa said that the third album would be less influenced by rhythm Home and disco music since he will bet more rock and psychedelic soundTypical of the 70s. On the other hand, all rumors point to the fact that the leader of Tame Impala, Tame Impala, participates in the future recording project of the Albanian interpreter. Kevin ParkerWith whom he will embark on a musical journey that will surprise many.

The last ‘goodbye’ to ‘future nostalgia’

Despite the fact that the making of the LP is still under development, Lipa believes it is a process. “Unique and Exciting”from which yours will come “Most Personal Album”, Lipa told The New York Times, “You don’t know what the reaction is going to be once it comes out, so it’s kind of nervous.” Similarly, although it is not completely over yet, people close to the ‘Don’t Start Now’ singer are already in attendance, such as mark ronsonWho are able to enjoy their new tunes: “I Heard Something and It’s Incredible”,

Ronson, one of the producers of the soundtrack for ‘Barbie’reported that Lipa references the arrival of her new music platform in her latest video clip. ‘Dance the Night’, the main song of the film. British composer suggested that the presence of break the disco ball On Earth marks the arrival of her next album.

“I think that’s why the disco ball is breaking in the video, isn’t it? It is a triumphant stop to start the era of his music that he will lead.Ronson opens up about Lipa’s latest music video. Another reference to him may be the moment in which he appears drivingWhich reminds me of the cover of his other work.

Besides breaking several records with the release of this latest single, Lipa can be content. It can be said that, with this subject, the interpreter finally say goodbye For your dear ‘future memories’an era sweet and sour started reason of filtration during the same coronavirus pandemicbut he, not because of this, has been victorious and has become One of the most influential pop albums of the 21st century,

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