Dua Lipa shows how to wear a long jacket this season

In terms of fashion, Dua Lipa is the perfect example of versatility. In the same week, the singer can go from showing off bright and elegant looksto show off a relaxed style based on basics.

In the case of New Years, Dua Lipa surprised her fans by modeling one of her outfits more sophisticated and daring. For this celebration, the interpreter of “New Rules” wore a Swarovski design with a crystal texture, which she revealed in his underwear.

dua-lipa-new-year.pngPhoto: Instagram @dualipa

Contrary to his extravagant style, Dua Lipa He recently showed through his stories on Instagram a casual look showing how to wear one long jacket denim this season, while still looking fashionista.

dua-long-jacket.pngPhoto: Instagram @dualipa

How to combine a long jacket according to Dua Lipa

Around his career years, the aesthetics of Dua Lipa it has been evolving. However, despite the changes in their looksthe British singer has shown that she is very clear about the rules of fashion to never lose the glamour.

Through his photos on Instagram, dua She has given style lessons to all her followers, proving that extraordinary and timeless combinations can be achieved from basic garments.

dua-jacket-denim.pngPhoto: Instagram @dualipa

His most recent demonstration of his knowledge of trends was the modeling of a outfits who combined a long denim jacket dark with pants of the same tone and a red crossbody bag that contrasted perfectly with the rest of the look.

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

Regardless of the simplicity of outfits And while keeping it comfortable, the 27-year-old singer proved that it’s possible to stay on trend as long as you add your own style to your clothes. She did so by holding open the last few buttons on her jacketexposing her abdomen and giving a sexy touch to her look.

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The denim lessons given by Dua Lipa

Denim garments are some of the fashion hobbies of Dua Lipaso the famous interpreter has shown different ways to combine this popular fabric.

As he demonstrated with his looks with long jacket, dua She is passionate about keeping denim outfits with the same color and texture on top and bottom.

dua-denim.pngPhoto: Instagram @dualipa

Dua enjoys reviving the trend that emerged in the 2000s, coined by another representative of pop, Britney Spears, and constantly shows her looks in an aesthetic full denim.

This and the following seasons the combination of denim garments will continue to be in force, so you should not be afraid to combine your favorite jeans with a long jacket of the same fabric.

dua-denim.pngPhoto: Instagram @dualipa

This type of look is ideal for attending casual plans, such as a visit to galleries or an afternoon of games, like the one she attended Dua Lipa on his most recent trip to New York.

Remember that if you are looking to add a more stylish touch to the outfit, you can always add colorful accessories, such as bags, jewelry or contrasting footwear, following the style lessons of the interpreter of “Don’t Start Now”.

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