Dua Lipa sued in court for posting a photo of herself on Instagram

Photographer Robert Barbera believes that Dua Lipa has committed copyright infringement by using his photos. These are photos published in July 2018 on Instagram.

Attorney Craig Sanders states in that complaint: “Without Plaintiff’s permission or authorization, Defendant willfully selected, copied, stored and displayed each of Plaintiff’s copyrighted photographs”. The singer was sued for the same thing earlier in the year for a photo of her, stolen at the airport in 2019. She stood in line, wearing a large hat, her passport and ticket in hand .

This is not the first time that Barbera has appealed to justice for this kind of facts. He has already sued Ariana Grande in May 2019 and January 2020, as well as Justin Bieber in October 2019 tells us Bilboard.

Each time, Barbera and Integral Images seek damages and restitution of profits related to the use of the photos. Because the paparazzi claims that his images are used for commercial purposes, that the Instagram feed of Dua Lipa acts as a marketing tool for his music and that thus the artist benefits financially from the publication of the photos.

It is true that copyright law means that the photographer owns the rights, including to the person photographed. In Belgium, this law only applies if the photos are original.

The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, so the complaint cannot be refiled.

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