Dua Lipa: Users applaud the singer after “kindly” refusing to take the photo

The bad bunny attitude towards the fanatic who tried to take a picture with him in previous days, he continues to give something to talk about, because now hundreds of followers of the singer Dua Lipa They applauded his reaction after a video came to light in which he refused to take a snapshot with one of his admirers, because for some his way of addressing the subject was “polite”.

Material emerged on social networks in which it is observed that the British has an interaction with her fan and this he says kindly that cannot be photographed.

In the video you can see the famous modeling a beach look while walkingwhen suddenly he turns around to explain that he is in a private moment because he is living with his family.

“Very sorry. I’m not taking pictures with anyone because I’m with my family, but it was nice meeting you“, he mentions.

Although the model is also he had no bodyguards around himhe just went on his way without losing his cool.

education and kindness“, “There are levels”, “Being famous means, in some way, having the opportunity to set an example. What an admirable education”, “That speaks of how beautiful she is as a person”, was read in the comments.

There were even those they tagged bunny so that he “learned his lesson”.



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