Dulcida’s ex-wife turns him into ‘Shakira’ and now he can represent Spain at Eurovision

Dulcida and Ana Legazpi. (Instagram)

last April, Sweet And alba paul He surprised his followers by giving unexpected news. Along with an accompanying photo, they confirmed that they have decided to give their relationship a second chance after two years of separation. This reconciliation was a joy to all the fans of both influencers, but it was not so well received by Ana Legazpi, the artist with whom Dulcida was having an affair during that time. impasse,

Legazpi is a singer-songwriter and part of the duo Marlena, recently announced in the list of 16 participants in the third edition of the Benidorm festival. The young woman created Group W Caps with her friend Carol, with whom they both participated in the format X Factor In Italy and Spain. In 2020, they started a new phase by changing the name of their group and on November 7, just four days before confirming their participation in the RTVE festival, they published red flagsA song whose lyrics are full of direct messages towards Dulcida.

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The song, composed by Ana and Carol together with Eurovision star Manel Navarro, reveals that Dulcida rekindled her relationship with Alba when she was still with the singer. “And you treated me like crazy / I already knew what was gonna happen / I wanted so much / And I follow you on Instagram“, reads one stanza.

“I bet on you / You didn’t even throw the dice / What were we doing / Two years at my side/to return to his side“, she sings in the second part of the song, referring to the time when the influencer broke up with Alba Paul.

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Another direct allusion to the maiden is from her stage name: “As sweet as your name / But it makes me bitter to think / What could have been / But it wasn’t.”

Marlena at the artists’ presentation at the Benidorm Fest 2024 in Seville. (RTVE)

According to Benidorm festival rules, red flags Meets the requirements to compete in the contest from which Spain’s representative at Eurovision 2024 will emerge. And, although the song has already been published, its release was after September 1, so it would not violate the contest rules.

Both of them themselves gave the clue to this Infobay Spain And to the rest of the media, to whom he spoke last weekend in Seville after the event in which the names of the participants of the festival were announced. As revealed by Ana, her song “When you meet someone in summer you talk about ‘yes, no’. Where are we now in September? What is happening? It’s a little like Danny Zuko grease,

Furthermore, he has confessed that he had “a half-finished theme” that completely changed his style before submitting it to the competition. “It was supposed to be more romantic and dramatic and it ended up being more abstract and feel-good,” he says.

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