Duluc does not see Neymar leaving this summer

The transfer window is fast approaching and with it the various changes that we should observe within the workforce of the PSG. Indeed, with the forthcoming arrival of Luis Campos at the head of the club’s sports strategy, lines should move. Recently, we have seen some rumors circulating about Neymar Jr. According to these, the Parisian board would seriously consider parting with the Brazilian in the event of a satisfactory offer this summer. Present on the set of The Evening Team, Vincent Duluc raised the possibility of seeing the former Blaugrana leave.

No way out for Neymar?

” There are two things : Neymar wants to stay knowing that he will never have the same situation elsewhere and on the other side, the PSG don’t want it anymore for some reason. These reasons are not financial because the PSG doesn’t care a bit, but because it isn’t satisfying. There is a gap between his status and his performance. The curve of its performance and its investments does not go upwards. When we superimpose the images of Neymar when he arrives and those of today, one wonders what has become of him. This does not prevent him from occasionally making efforts. In the Champions League, we have often seen him make a lot of effort. But it’s not the player that the PSG came looking for. This, everyone sees it, including the other clubs. And I would be surprised if a club thought it would be able to revive it. ยป

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