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President Ivan Duke He referred this Saturday morning to the eventual presence in the country of the Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro. There are those who assure that he could attend the possession of Gustavo Petro.

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It is no secret to anyone Duque has been perhaps the harshest opponent that Maduro has had in the region. The off-color and rude comments that the Venezuelan has had with some national leaders, starting with the head of state, are also unknown.

“It is not a matter of letting in or not letting in, it is that Nicolás Maduro is not recognized by me as president of the Republic, as the legitimate president of Venezuela,” said Duque, who added that “As long as I am president of Colombia, he will not enter Colombian territory as president of Venezuela“.

“When I leave the Presidency, since the next president decides what relationship he is going to have with him,” he added.

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The head of state also referred to what has to do with gasoline prices and said that there are three aspects that must be taken into account.

He first stressed that today we have a gasoline price that remains lower than before the pandemic, that is, it is lower than the value of February 2020.

Secondly, the president pointed out that we continue to have a price for this fuel that, compared to other Latin American countries, is still well below that of other countries in the region.

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And finally, he highlighted that this is practically the first increase in 2022 and it is done to continue maintaining a predictable trend and to give citizens peace of mind.

He said that this measure has a technical basis and has been done so as not to affect the growth of the economy and not to trigger an inflationary effect.

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