DVM Esport Launches Sur Valorant Avec Kadavra, Newzera Et Keloqz

DVM Export Vient d’annoncer sa participation aux Challengers France, le circuit français de Valorant, y recruitant des joueurs bien connus de la scene. We learn more kAdavra, Newzera, keloqz, juseu and Marctylinho Represent this new structure in the saison prochaine.

After leaving Gentle Mates in the EMEA Ligue, there is a spot available for Challengers France. As the new season approaches, the identity of the replacement team remains even more unknown, but attention is coming to the spa.

There DVM Corp.fondée pair the medja streamers, if he launches into electronic sports with his DVM Esport club. If our saviions leave Who is interested in the scene?, our planes have information concerning the title that is of interest. C’est désormais chose la faite.

The content creator has chosen Valorant as the main terrain of the game and comes to the French league on behalf of monster players. Avec kAdavra, Newzera, keloqz, juseu and MARCTYLINHOthe DVM Esport will be a good fair for the étincelles dans les Challengers in 2024.

For memory, kadavra This is a very good controller, approved by Team Vitality, Team BDS, and most recently our Valorant team. Very effective at the end of the second split of 2023, the highest titles, not the MVP of the second segment, are available to commentators.

juseu He also brought the BDS team colors in the past, but there is Solary, who evolved until the next season. Despite the results of the cell phone tests, Juseu is never still an excellent player. Versatile and flexible, he will provide savoir-faire to both duelists and beginners.

VRL France Premier Champion, who is happy to compete in Sector One, MARCTYLINHO This is also a not inconsiderable triumph. Once the sports activities of the structure are finished, they will rejoin Joblife for the Challengers in 2023. As much as the Initiate specialists, the player will also have a good Breach, who Sova or even Fade.

Si vous suivez un peu la scène francophone, le pseudo newzera You probably won’t find it inconnu. Former member of Megastitut and Wylde, representative of Karmine Corp leadership in VCT EMEA last year, following his move to the Challengers in 2022. Therefore, he is capable of playing the role of Controller, as he is of Initiator. , the new team will offer different composition possibilities. In short, a good trump card.

The latest DVM Esport player, and the last few months, Keloqz I am a journalist with a lot of experience. Former teammate of Newzera during the Megastitut era, Bath rejoins the ranks of G2 Esports. This bannière, participant in the first two editions of the VCT and in the final 3/4 of the Berlin Masters in 2021. In 2023, the participation of Team Heretics, in the EMEA Ligue.

It is true that the faudra vigilante del prêt ce nouveau mixte, puisque, sur le papier, il est très strong!

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