Dwayne Johnson gives his pickup to a veteran for Christmas

“I wanted to do something BIG … something SOLID … something unforgettable”, and definitely the fan cui Dwayne Johnson has chosen to give his pick-up as a gift, he will never forget the emotion he shows in video posted on Instagram by the actor of Red Notice. Who, to promote the great success of the film on Netflix, participated with the public in a screening during which he offered everything from tequila to ice cream to the spectators.

The actor writes that he initially thought about giving away the sports car driven on the screen, one Porsche Taycan, but to have found the opposition of the famous car manufacturer. Ending up choosing to give up his’ baby “, “My baby”, now owned by tal Oscar Rodriguez, incredibly – and incredulous – protagonist with the always surprising The Rock of a moving and happy moment

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Rodriguez “Cares for his 75-year-old mom, helps people get fit, is a guide for his church, provides support and meals for women who are victims of domestic violence, is a Navy veteran and, perhaps most importantly, a human being. Kind”: these are the many reasons that moved – and moved – the actor to perform such an unusual gesture.

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That the actor left footed and in need of a ride, as we see him joking in the video posted on Instagram that has been around the world. And in which we hear the lucky and deserving veteran recognize Dwayne Johnson’s “Truck” seen so many times in his posts on social media, before leaving happy with his exceptional Christmas gift.

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