Dwayne Johnson has a lookalike and their resemblance is incredible! [FOTO]

Eric Fields is the perfect Dwayne Johnson impersonator!

A police officer is going viral for his striking resemblance to Dwayne Johnson, better known by the general public as “The Rock”. The actor shared the post of a newspaper on Twitter, Bleacher Report, where you can see the policeman on the left and the real Johnson on the right. The resemblance between the two is of the unmissable!

Dwayne, referring to the patrol lieutenant Eric Fields he wrote:

Oh shit! Wow! The guy on the left is a lot cooler. Stay safe brother and thank you for your service. Someday we will drink @Teremana together and I need to hear all your “Rock stories” because I know you have them.

Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields, of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Dept, has gone so viral for his Dwayne Johnson-like appearance that local residents always ask to meet him, even some people have even made videos on TikTok comparing him to The Rock.

Eric Fields said:

I was called the illegitimate son of The Rock and Vin Diesel. I’m in. It is funny. It’s flattering. I was lucky to be compared to them, I think.

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