Dwayne Johnson is blessed with the film “Tournique in Son Nouveau”

Dwayne Johnson could be cast as a social climber. In fact, the comic will be displayed on the poster Destruction machine, product for A24. No chance, The Rock is the best gift for a film tournament.

What’s this Destruction machine ?

Sold at par Benny Safdie, Destruction machine He will focus on the fighting and MMA champion. Mark Kerr, which is a bright pendant from the anniversary against addiction to anti-doolers. All Byzantines are green in this project and there are three riddles. Benny Safdie is a talent on the talent stage who has also signed contracts with American cinema’s little chefs. good time with Robert Pattinson and others. Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler. Quantity Destruction machineit is produced by excellent junction box A24.

Dwayne Johnson dances The Smashing Machine

December 21, 1968 Mark Kerr is mostly pleased with his progress in MMA competitions in the 1990s and their debut in the 2000s. Malgre was successful in the competition, Kerr was among the problem staff, but had an addiction to analgesics and other substances, which affected the carrying and lives of the staff. Documentary film with a left title Destruction machineSorti burst out in 2002 with their story, their successes and their passions.

Dwayne Johnson is strong

And the opportunity to learn Dwayne Johnsonancient catch star, dance Destruction machine this is the idea of ​​the century. Destruction machine devrait offr à l’ancien catcheur un veritable compositional roleCe qui manquait jusqu’à present dans sa carrière déjà bien remplie. Dwayne Johnson, who filmed the epic fight scenes, s’est donc blessé au coude during the tournament Destruction machine. Rock announced the romance out of habit on his full Instagram:

If you make a movie called Wrecking Machine, there’s already a good chance it will go wrong. Je suis plutôt bien fait défoncer ajourd’hui in our scenes. But douleur is very unpleasant. Ça va le faire. And, as he disait mon père: “journée sans souffrance, it’s like traveling without the sun!” “

Dwayne Johnson is conducting a series of tests to assess the damage. If it is seriously damaged, it could delay the film’s production. Destruction machine Encore departure date, but Dwayne Johnson shares poster with Emily Blunt. Two comedians in the ensemble “Deja Tournai” in sympathy Jungle Cruise.

Couple Aubin Bouyer

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