Dwayne Johnson reveals what he thinks of Black Adam’s first cut

Black Adam will be the first live-action adaptation for the DC world villain, and the star Dwayne Johnson actively worked on the film for several years. Now that filming has finished and has moved into post-production, Black Adam is nearing release in 2022 and Dwayne Johnson recently spoke about the current state of the film. The actor explained to the Collider portal: “I think we’re at a good point. Now is the time to take our time even if there is still some urgency as the film has to be ready for next summer. I think Jaume made a great first cut. And, you know, Black Adam is the kind of film that, from the start, had the characteristics to be something unique. “

Dwayne Johnson also talks about the director

Dwayne Johnson, regarding the director Jaume Collet-Serra, explained: “He, once again, comes from that group of very talented Spanish directors who want to come in and want to revolutionize the industry and crafts, and he does, I think in a fantastic way. I am happy but not satisfied and we will continue to work. And the teaser that we showed about three weeks ago was a good indicator of what’s to come. “ The trailer shows the physical might, the magical powers and all the terrible strength of this character. The cast includes: Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam), Pierce Brosnan (Doctor Fate), Noah Centineo (Atom Smasher), Quintessa Swindel (Cyclone) and Aldis Hodge (Hawkman).

We remember that Black Adam, whose real name is Theo-Adam or Teth Adam, is a fictional character from the DC Comics comics. He is placed in sixteenth position in the ranking drawn up by the IGN site in 2009 on the hundred greatest supervillains in the history of comics. The film is highly anticipated by fans of the superhero, to understand if it will be able to meet the great expectations that it carries with it. The cast is very important and over time is adding notable characters. Black Adam will be released July 29, 2022.

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