Dwayne Johnson shows off his muscular thighs as a superhero: he prepares to shoot the cinecomic “Black Adam”


The actor is training for the film: on Instagram a photo of his jaw-dropping fitness

“Black Adam” centers on the very bad and fearsome DC Comics anti-hero created by Otto Binder and CC Beck in 1945. The character is known for his incredible strength: he bends steel, smashes walls with one fist and moves objects a lot. heavy. The film, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, is starting to take on more defined contours. Only a few days ago it was Dwayne Johnson who announced the release date, set for July 29, 2022.

The ex-wrestler and action movie star announced on his Instagram profile: “Black Adam is ready. It’s always the work we do in silence while no one is watching us that changes the game. I’m happy for the training. (and the face of my Warrior Spirit always watching my back). Shooting begins this week. ” And he posted a jaw-dropping photo of him in the gym in a sweat-soaked shirt and shorts that show off his extremely muscular thighs. And he holds a metal chain in his hand, part of his intense training regimen.



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