Dwayne Johnson’s dream? “Quiet dinner in a restaurant”

In Jungle Cruise, you are Captain Frank Wolff, who searches for a magic tree with Lily, the explorer played by Emily Blunt. A kid’s dream?

Dwayne Johnson: Yes ! I grew up in Florida, and since we lived near Disney World, my parents often took me there. I was a real Disney baby! When we were sailing in the boat of the Jungle Cruise attraction, I was captivated by this atmosphere of mystery, danger and humor. Later, during my film debut, I thought it would be great to adapt Jungle Cruise into a film. Disney initiated the project, involving me. We crossed our fingers hoping that Emily Blunt would agree to play Lily, our female Indiana Jones, braver than Frank, and she said yes.

What extraordinary adventure would you like to experience?

Dinner quietly in a restaurant, without anyone coming to ask me for a selfie! Or go shopping incognito. I miss the anonymity of my youth. Fortunately, my wife can go about her business normally with our children, but I regret not being able to share these moments with them. As soon as we want to go out together, it becomes a quasi-military operation, planned by a security team. But hey, having succeeded in Hollywood, I am aware of my luck.

You produce the series Behind the scenes of the attractionson Disney+…

I grew up in the parks of Orlando and I find it an exciting universe. I even spent my first honeymoon at Disney World! The ten episodes of this documentary series each reveal the design of a cult attraction. The editing is quick, the comments are amusing, the artists’ anecdotes amazing… and I chose my favorite attractions!

Jungle Cruise: Friday May 13 at 9:10 p.m. on Canal+

Interview by Pascal Pinteau in 2021

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