Dwayne Johnson’s superhero doesn’t ignite the US box office

Despite all the promotion around the film and the presence of Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam gets off to a very decent, but not extraordinary, start.

With the cancellation of Batgirl and the accusations that Ezra Miller collects a few months before the release of The Flash, black adam was supposed to revive Warner and DC Films. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, the director ofEsther, Nonstop or Jungle Cruise, black adam is the eleventh film in the DC Cinematic Universecommonly referred to as the DCEU, whose man of steel by Snyder was the first play. As Shazam!, black adam features a new superhero, but unlike Shazam!he offers the presence of Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson.

After initial rather positive feedback, the American press destroyed The Rock’s film. Despite everything, we observe on social networks that the spectators seem to have appreciated the film which is much talked about, in particular because of its post-credits scene, which now seems to be its only marketing argument. Whether black adam has been at the top of the French box office since its release on Wednesday October 19, where it brought in more than 93,000 spectators, what about its release in the United States?

Whereas black adam was expected to be a Venom-style hit and hit $70-75 million in its first weekend on US soil, as announced in early October, estimates have been revised downwards. For its first day in theaters, the super villain, but not too much of Dwayne Johnson, generated $ 26.8 million in the United States. To compare, Venom picked up 32.5 million on its first day in theaters and Joker scooped up 39 million.

For his first weekend at home, black adam should raise between 60 and 67 million dollars, according to the latest estimates. Rather honorable when compared to recently released movies like Halloween Ends (40 million) and Boop (44 million), these figures are far from those announced and hoped for and above all far from the competitor Marvel and its latest opus, Thor: Love and Thunderwhich raised $144 million for its first American weekend. Although we are talking about a fourth film centered on a beloved hero, when we compare black adam to other non-Marvel superhero movies, he doesn’t shine either.

Black Adam: photo, Dwayne JohnsonRelax Dwayne, it’s still better than Jungle Cruise

Shazam!a DCEU film featuring a new superhero and released in 2019, had only amassed $20 million on its first day and $53 million on its first weekend. The hero in the red costume worn by Zachary Levi has therefore not done much worse than Black Adam who, as mentioned above, benefits from a big headliner. If the estimates are confirmed, we can say that black adam achieves a very decent score, but nothing exceptional.

While Black Adam should therefore make a nicer score than Morbius and its 39 million collected for its first weekend on American soil, the other superhero films of 2022, such as The Batman (134 million) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (187 million), have nothing to envy. It remains to be seen how the film will manage to keep up despite the mixed reviews and the arrival of Black Panther 2 which could be a hit at the US box office.

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