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Mexico’s defeat at a dispute panel on the issue of transgenic corn convened by the commercial representation of the United States is imminent; Despite the official rhetoric of “nothing happens”, the hardline branch of government on food and agriculture matters – which is ideologically and morally dominated by the former environment secretary, Victor Toledo – has no scientific studies demonstrating harm. The perceived health…, which would lead to tariff restrictions against agricultural and manufactured products exported to the neighboring country, however, tequila would be safe.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s government has in its hands the “eject” button that allows the corn decree of last February to be expelled from the lines of government. If pressured, it would be able to scrap the panel implemented in the first quarter of next year by the teams of Catherine Thai and Tom Vilsack, before election campaigns here and there stall technical solutions and shift entirely to political decisions. Be subject to If the lawsuit continues and is lost, the USTR will seek to apply multimillion-dollar tariff compensation to Mexico “where it harms it most”. But far from what the collective imagination might suggest, the national drink par excellence will be exempt from such retribution, precisely because it is the most internationalized commercially and the most after nearly 50 years of intensive work emphasizing its original denominator. as well as commercializing the activity through the Tequila Regulatory Council, chaired by Miguel Angel Dominguez and directed by Ramon Gonzalez

The bulk of the more than 650 million liters produced annually by the more than 100,000 families involved in the industry comes from small and medium-sized national companies (and some large companies, such as Cuervo, from the Beckmann family), but also includes directly But there are investments from 10 multinational companies that have included tequila in their global portfolio. Companies such as Diageo, Brown Forman, Bacardi, Pernod Ricard or Beam Suntory have promoted the taste of a naturally Mexican drink that reaches 120 countries with sales of approximately 515 million litres.

There are also fans of the flavor of blue agave drinks that have their own brands, such as Teremana from Dwayne. rock Johnson, Cincoró, by Michelle Jordan, De Frente, by Diego Boneta, 818, by Kendall Jenner, Flecha Azul, by Mark Wahlberg, or Mala Vida, by Alex Gonzalez.

The USTR would hardly “shoot itself in the foot” by affecting investment and reputation in its own country.

Well, when it comes to tequila…

Hornbeck’s permit for the simulation has been suspended. Because it actually had majority foreign capital, while it appeared to be predominantly Mexican—as required by Mexican law to provide cabotage services between national ports—the Secretary of the Navy, through the National Maritime Public Registry, Renewal of permits of six vessels refused. Shipping company Hornbeck Offshore Services Mexico (HOS). Then to the outside.

Since 2019, the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine had identified corporate simulations that led it to suspend HOS operations, in fact American and, this could not be more obvious, related to Hornbeck Offshore , whose CEO is Tim Hornbeck . Since then, a legal dispute ensued before several instances, until the suspension was finally upheld and it was confirmed that there was similitude in the statute of the shipping company, proceeding to refuse the permit. Under this guise, Hornbeck provided services at national ports in the Gulf of Mexico to oil companies such as Chevron, Repsol, Shell, Petrobras, and of course Pemex.

But Semar, in charge of Admiral Rafael Ojeda, did not show his face.

Jalisco and UDEG, Review of Textbooks. And in a show of independence in the face of Dante Delgado’s subjugation at the National Palace, the government of Enrique Alfaro rolled up its sleeves and, together with the University of Guadalajara, led by Ricardo Villanueva, moved from words to facts: they helped children and Will review free first and middle school textbooks to correct errors and misconceptions with the aim of realizing “opportunity zones” for youth. A good educational example.

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