Dylan O’Brien & Zoey Deutch (‘Not Okay’) On Social Media Problems: “It’s F***ing Shit”

Have you ever felt that you are cheating your followers on social networks? And have you enjoyed it? Well, that’s what ‘Not Okay’ is about, the next film by Quinn Shephard, starring Zoey Deutch alongside Dylan O’Brien and Mia Isaac. In it, Danni is a centenarian who works on a website for news and eye-catching articles. As he feels that no one pays attention to him, he invents a trip to Paris, posting photos on Instagram that are actually careful montages made from his home with a chroma key. But everything goes wrong when a series of attacks shake the French capital. Instead of acknowledging the lie, Danni sells the world the story that she almost died.

“This is the life we’ve left them, and it sucks”Deutch tells us -in an interview granted to eCartelera- about the portrait of Generation Z in ‘Not Okay’, “It’s a cautionary tale, we don’t look down on them”. For O’Brien, in fact, the film not only talks about centennials but is addressed to the whole world. “Any young man will see a lot of himself in her”assures, “but boomers should take a look too”.

If the film deals with a theme, it is that of authenticity in times of social networks. “Danni is a liar, a cheat, a fraud. There is a big debate about authenticityexplains the actress, “Being authentic with yourself is very valuable”. His partner, for her part, does not believe that there is as much a global solution to the problem as there is “personal solutions that we all must take. We must find our history and the relationship we want to have with it”.

'not okay'

the craziest lie

Aside from existential ruminations on the dangers of social media, Deutch and O’Brien also displayed a great sense of humor. When asked about their biggest lie, they both openly talked about two funny anecdotes from when they were children. “Mine is funny because it is objectively a lie, it is not something that can be believed”anticipates O’Brien, “When I was 6 years old I told my friends that I saw Santa Claus”remember laughter match. Deutch, for her part, was even more imaginative. In preschool, tired of spending her days playing with playdough, she had the idea of ​​telling the whole class that “a monkey had entered my room, pulled my hair and tried to kill me”. At least they aren’t lies as serious as Danni’s in ‘Not Okay’.

‘Not Okay’ premieres next July 29 on Disney +.

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