EA to close several Battlefield games in December

Electronic Arts will shut down the servers for 12 of its games by the end of 2023, including several classic Battlefield titles.

Server shutdowns are a sad inevitability when it comes to live service games. Sometimes we see the opposite happen, as happened with the restoration of classic Call of Duty servers alongside those of Titanfall 2 – but it is rare. When you’re a fan of a live service game, you can only hope that its closure coincides with the game’s natural decline in popularity. That is what we have seen with Marvel’s Avengers. It’s a shame, but the game just wasn’t attracting enough players. EA is the next publisher to announce a series of closures, with 12 games set to close over the next three months.

EA Sports FC has just been released, replacing the long-running FIFA franchise. Check out the game in action below.

As reported by Gamerficial, EA explained that closing these games will allow them to focus on more actively played titles. In fact, they argue that the following 12 games represent less than 1% of all players on EA’s live service.

A game has already been closed, Crisis 3, last month in September. Throughout the month of October, Crisis 3 will join Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (October 10) and DASH Restaurant: Gordon Ramsay (October 30). On November 6, many FIFA titles will have the plug included FIFA 18, FIFA 19, FIFA 20and FIFA 21. Finally, on December 8, Battlefield 1943, Bad Company Battlefield, Bad Company Battlefield 2, Dead Space 2and Dante’s hell They will close their servers.

If, out of pure nostalgia, you want to revisit any of the online components of the aforementioned games, you’ll want to do it now before it’s too late.

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