Each citizen in Spain has 6,017 euros a year to spend in stores

Each citizen in Spain has 6,017 euros a year to spend in stores

  • Every citizen in Spain has 6,017 euros per person to spend on retail shopping

  • The Spanish provinces with the greatest purchasing power in stores are Guipuzcoa, Vizcaya and Álava

  • In Europe, the report shows that residents of Luxembourg, with 12,067 euros per capita, have the biggest budgets

Every citizen of Spain Avoid 6,017 Euros For per person Spend on shopping In retail, both physical and online, that is 8% lower than the average of the 25 European countries analysed in the GfK Retail Purchasing Power Europe study, which is 6,517 euros.

Specifically, the Spanish provinces with the highest purchasing power in stores are Guipuzcoa, Vizcaya and Álava. Thus, in first place is Guipuzcoa, where on average each citizen can spend 7,519 euros in stores per year, 25% more than the Spanish average, followed by Vizcaya with 7,213 euros and Álava with 7,184 euros per capita. In both of these provinces this amount is 20% higher than the Spanish average.

Melilla, the province with the lowest budget to buy at retail

He completed the ‘Top-5’ Asturiaswhich is located Fourth place 7,144 euros to spend per person in shops and MadridAt the same time, it is in fifth place with an expenditure of 6,086 euros Valenciawhich is in 26th place close to the Spanish average with 6,045 euros per inhabitant and Melilla He is the one who has low budget To buy at retail, from 4,134 euros per person.

In EuropeThe report shows that residents of Luxembourgwith 12,067 Euros per person, They are the people who have Big budget to spend in stores, while the population of Romania, on the contrary, is the one that has the least purchasing power to allocate to commerce, with a measurement of 2,986 euros per capita.

In total, the inhabitants of the 25 European countries studied have around 3.4 trillion euros at their disposal, which translates into 6,517 euros per capita to spend on retail purchases. This means that, for example, the spending power of Luxembourg citizens is 85% higher than the average.

Luxembourg is behind Switzerland and Denmark, which are in second and third place with 11,617 and 9,479 euros respectively, and close to them, France and Germany, in fifth and 13th place, where their populations have 8,634 and 6,667 euros per capita for their spending in stores.

“With regard to other European countries, Funds allocated for retail trade in Spain Used to be Historical Very Close to average. However, if we compare the total spending capacity with the capacity dedicated exclusively to shopping in stores, we see that Spanish consumers spend 37%, a significantly higher proportion than other large economies such as Germany, Italy or the United Kingdom, which are all below 30%,” explained Gabriel Gómez, retail specialist in GfK’s geomarketing sector.

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