Easter, from Greece to France the anti-covid rules for those traveling abroad

With Easter and the long weekend of April 25, tourism is preparing to close the lean period and take the first breath of fresh air of this 2022. And if it is true that the pandemic has not yet given up, the desire to disconnecting is stronger than fears. According to an analysis by Ixè for Coldiretti, almost one in four Italians (23%) chose to travel. The vast majority will remain in Italy. But there are also those who have decided to go abroad.

Many countries have abolished the compilation of the Plf (passenger location form) or the swab for vaccinated people, others have reduced the use of the mask and still others have chosen more streamlined rules to welcome tourists. Here, among the most “popular” destinations, are the new travel methods.

In Greece green pass to visit the archaeological sites

As of March 15, Greece has eliminated the completion of the passenger location form (Plf) for all travelers; those who enter the Hellenic country only need to show the digital Covid certificate (vaccination, recovery or negative test). This certificate is also mandatory for staying in tourist facilities throughout the country. It is mandatory to wear a mask in all indoor spaces and it is recommended to do so in crowded open spaces. A high filtration mask is required when using public transport, intercity coaches or the city tour bus service (with or without open roof). Until April 18 super green pass (vaccination or recovery) in indoor restaurants and basic green pass (also buffer in outdoor ones). The latter is also necessary to visit the archaeological sites. Info:

In France, mask only on means of transport

To travel to France, the vaccination certificate over 12 years of age (or recovery or swab for the unvaccinated) remains valid but the application of the vaccination pass is suspended in any place where it was necessary, such as restaurants, museums, fairs and places of leisure (the health pass remains in force in health facilities and retirement homes). From 14 March 2022 it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask either outdoors or indoors, except on public transport and in health facilities. Info:

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Same rules for the Spain which requires the green pass – vaccination or recovery – or the swab for the unvaccinated and the completion of the Plf. The use of the mask is mandatory only indoors (including means of transport) or in case of gatherings. Info:

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