Easy and original hairstyle for curly or straight hair, with which you can look great on very hot days

anna pardo

Summer is already in full swing and with it comes hot and humid days. Those of us who have hair beyond the jaw line feel overwhelmed when the hair touches the back of the neck or back. On many occasions, we end up with bad ponytails or bows. messy That’s what we do on the road, but the best advice we can give you is the following: Comb your hair at home to stay very fresh and comfortable from the very first moment.

Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, there are options to suit all hair types These are easy to do with a little practice., Thanks to the tutorials that many content creators publish on their Instagram accounts, we have a detailed step-by-step to make creating these hairstyles an easy task.

sleek bun

Content creator @curlyycamm gives us a beautiful, timeless bow we can make in just minutes. The main thing is to wet the hair, apply a lot of styling gel and work it with a toothbrush so that everything goes well baby hair are in order, To make sure the hair stays intact on point Throughout the day, we can place hairpins in areas where we consider it necessary (such as bangs or the back of the neck).

messy bun with braids

Another effective and original bow option is this one. First, we divide the hair into two parts. From the upper part, we make three French braids for bangs and collect hair in the front area of ​​the face. If you believe that this type of braids is too complicated for you, then you can choose the classic braids. Lastly, we make a bun and fix it with bobby pins. Despite the fact that @oliviacalabio has curly hair, this hairstyle works well for straight hair too.

Brads to Lloydson Rae

One of our favorite summer hairstyles comes from @breakfastatbetsys, inspired by Addison Rae. Moreover, we believe that it is the simplest one out of all the ones highlighted in this article. All we have to do is divide the hair into two parts. From each part we make a low braid. Once the two braids are made, we fix them with a hairpin after making two turns (or as many times as you need, depending on the length of your hair). Despite the fact that Betsy Moulthropp’s hair is very straight, we invite you to try it if your hair is wavy or curly., Most likely, you will need to work with hair that is wet and fixed with some kind of cream or gel.

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