Easy hypopressive exercise routine to improve sex and the health of your pelvic floor

When hypopressive exercises are mentioned, most women say “oops” due to the difficulty we primarily experience. The same thing happened to me until I met Almudena Morel, an expert trainer in prenatal and postpartum routines. hypotensive specialist and director of the Almu Morel School. She is our “Instructor of the Month” and designed Four routines specifically for women’s health With the aim of introducing us to this technology. For this week’s session, Almudena wanted to create a workout that would help us be body conscious. working on our pelvic floor Due to which we will not only improve its health but apart from helping you to control or prevent urinary incontinence, it will also be beneficial for your sexual relationships. Don’t be afraid because It’s not difficult at allHe himself has told us in detail about this.

Almudena Morel

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What are hypopressives?

Hypopressive exercises are performed through a technique that is based on working the body by isometrically contracting the abdominals to work their abdominal muscles and also involve the muscles that make up the pelvic floor. In this way we will not only be able to reduce the abdominal diastasis that often occurs due to the separation of the transversus abdominis muscle, but we will also achieve correct postureRelieves urinary incontinence and improves our sex life.

Until recently, this practice was largely unknown to all of us and was exclusively related to postpartum training to regain our silhouette. However, it is proven that incorporating this type of exercise into your daily routine has many benefits for your body’s health.

Hypopressive Exercises to Improve Your Pelvic Floor Health

In this session Almudena tells us that, at the level of breathing, it is very important that with each exhalation you make a pelvic floor contraction and with each apnea you pull upward from the pubis towards the navel. You should feel as if you are closing a zipper.

Exercise 1. Kegel at one contraction per second

We set the stopwatch and we are going to do pelvic floor contractions for 1 minute, trying to do them at 1 repetition per second. (Feeling muscle fatigue and not reaching 60 is normal).

Exercise 2. Kegel for three-four second contractions

We are going to set a timer and do pelvic floor contractions for 1 minute, but this time try to do the contractions for longer, about 3 or 4 seconds per repetition.

Exercise 3. Low quadruped position (repeat for 3-4 minutes)

We lie on the floor with our knees under our hips and our toes supported. Form a triangle with your arms, join your hands and rest your hands and forearms on the floor. Rest our forehead on our hands and we begin with hypopressive breathing.

Exercise 4. High quadruped position (repeat for 3-4 minutes)

We stand on the floor with our knees under our hips and our hands under our shoulders. We rest our toes on the ground. We keep our back straight and our neck long. Turn your hands inward, so that your fingers are facing each other. Bend your elbows slightly and we begin with hypopressive breathing.

Exercise 5. Lying position with knees half bent (repeat for 3-4 minutes)

Lying on the floor, we will leave our legs semi-flexed between the knees and between the ankles with the fists apart. The lumbar region does not touch the floor. We will support only the heel of the foot. Lengthen your neck and back, lower your arms and we begin with hypopressive breathing.

Exercise 6. Raised hip position (repeat for 3-4 minutes)

We keep ourselves in the same position as before. Remember that the lower back does not touch the floor. Before we begin, I want you to try to support your lumbar region and separate it from the ground (hips forward and backward), as this is the movement we will be doing in apnea. Start by breathing in and, when the apnea begins, open your ribs, suck in and there, rotate your hips, lower your waist to the ground and lift your glutes slightly off the ground. Remain awake as long as the apnea lasts.

Almudena Morel

pablo sarabia


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