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Jennifer Lopez has a well-being routine millimeter: a lot of sport but above all, a very healthy diet. Focus on the eating habits of J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez is a true source of inspiration. Singer, actress, beauty icon, businesswoman at the head of her skincare brand… The list is long. At 53, Queen J.Lo is in better shape than ever and isn’t one to miss her workout. In the program ? Lots of sit-ups, weight lifting and, unsurprisingly, dancing. On the food side, she is just as disciplined and pays attention to what she puts on her plate. “Everything she eats is organic, well thought out and balanced, with very high quality protein and nutrient-dense foods”, explains her coach, Tracy Anderson to the American magazine “People”. Obviously, there is no question for Jennifer Lopez to consume processed food. Its main source of protein? Egg white, turkey meat, chicken breast and grass-fed beef. “She eats fish every day for a source of omega-3s and 6s, as well as nuts for healthy fats,” adds the coach. The star accompanies each of her dishes with green vegetables – such as spinach or kale – and complex carbohydrates. Among his favorites are sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, rice bread and porridge.

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But beware, the interpreter of “On the Floor”…

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