Ecobonus auto, the government is working to refinance the incentives for 2022

The Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, during the question time in the Chamber, opens up the possibility of renewing the measure to support the purchase of cars with reduced or no environmental impact: the funds are exhausted from 3 November

The incentive to purchase new, more environmentally friendly cars is back on top after the last 3 November funds allocated to the eco-bonus ran out. “The government considers the automotive sector a priority. The possibility, which the government will support and is promoting, of inserting a refinancing measure for 2022 in the budget law, taking into account the latest market developments, should not be underestimated ”. These are the words of the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, during the question time in the Chamber, which therefore opens up to facilitation measures in a 2022 key. “The incentive of the auto eco-bonus was activated to produce environmental benefits and to support the sector “added Giorgetti, who reiterated how” it is a measure aimed at reducing polluting emissions and having a partial impact on the national production system. These are measures managed in synergy with the ministry of ecological transition and with the ministry of economy to support the automotive sector severely tested by the transition to new technologies and by the shortage of raw materials and semiconductors “.


Minister Giorgetti’s opening comes at a more complex time than ever for the car sector in Italy, called to transition to new technologies and their potential to protect the environment, but also to seek funds to aim for target. As is known, the latest refinancing of the state grant for electric and plug-in cars was decided on October 19: 65 of the 100 million allocated to the sector, made bookable on the dedicated website on Wednesday, October 27, were sold out within twenty-four hours. A few days later, the state incentive for cars with CO2 emissions between 61 and 135 g / km also came to an end: the endowment of funds was exhausted on Wednesday 3 November. Only the state grants dedicated to used cars Euro 6 remain active, which currently has 36 million residuals.

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