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In these times, in which artists are more connected than ever to their fans through social networks, when someone is absent from them, it shows. That’s what happened with Ed Sheeran recently, one of the greats of the industry at the moment. The singer has been away from Instagram for a while and, now, on his account on that network, he has reappeared to give the pertinent explanations, apologize for not having served them properly and, incidentally, open up about some things that have happened and that have led to that digital apathy.

“Hey guys, I realize I haven’t been as involved with my social media or online fan base in the last few years. And the stuff that’s been posted on this account may have gotten a bit boring. And I’m sorry, it’s my fault“, begins in a video shared earlier this week. “The reason I’m making this video is, to be totally honest, I’ve had some turbulent things in my personal life.”so I really didn’t feel like going online and pretending to be something that I’m not when I didn’t feel like that,” she continues, dropping that heart-wrenching bombshell.

Of course, then he relaxed with a slightly more relaxed part and in which he allowed himself to joke about the number of times he had recorded the video until he reached that version that, despite not being perfect, was going to be the final one: “I know it may sound weird but I’m making this video because things are looking up so we’re back online now and I’ll start posting weird stuff here. I made this video like 50 fucking times, I’m not going to make another one.

A record in progress

Beyond what has happened to him in his personal life, which is what he implies with that phrase that has gone around the world, the truth is that in the musical field we expect a lot from him. Because this 2023 should be that of an album with which to continue that work around the mathematical signs that it is giving shape to. It was at the beginning of November when he himself, explaining that he was going to record a video clip that would be part of that album, ‘Substract’, which would be ready this year of which we have already consumed a month. An album with which he stated that he would close this numerical pentalogy that has raised him to the top of the music industry.

Although he did not elaborate further on the matter, The British newspaper ‘The Sun’ yes it did. It was there that it was possible to read that this album, a continuation of the work he has done to date, would have ten videos shot in the English countryside. The first time that Ed Sheeran will record some videos as part of a story that is told throughout an album. If by itself any musical return by the British is reason to be expectant, that he comes with these novelties is much more so. Surely you have the same desire for that day to arrive as the ones we have in CADENA 100.

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