Ed Sheeran wants to make country music

June 9th

The 32-year-old pop star is preparing for a change of scenery and has revealed she wants to try country music at some point.

in program statements “Today” of nbcSaid: “I knew for the last 13 years what the math was going to be, and now it’s, like, what to do next. A lot of questions are roaming in my mind. I lived in Nashville for a few years and fell in love with country music there. “It’s something I would love to do at some point.”

Interpreter of ‘eyes closed’ He previously stated that he loved the culture associated with country music after spending time in Nashville and discovering the “community” of songwriters in the American South, but explained that he had never been interested in the genre until he was exposed to Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’. “Never really heard of”. ‘Tour in 2013: “I like their culture, I like writing songs. Those are great songs. It’s like a community. There’s no place in Europe where you can point to and say: ‘This is the birthplace of creativity’“, he says. “It’s not just country music. Nashville is a hub of incredible songwriters and artists. And being there, surrounded by everyone, I felt really inspired.”

“I never listened to country music growing up. “I was only on Taylor Swift’s Red Tour, I lived in Nashville and she introduced me to that aspect.”,

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