Ed Sheeran’s Daughter Doesn’t Like Her Father’s Songs

The singer revealed that little Lyra always cries when she hears his songs.

Ed Sheeran’s daughter must not be a big fan of her famous father. The singer commented that the girl cries when he sings his songs. The 30-year-old artist first became a father last year when his wife, Cherry Seaborn, gave birth to their daughter, Lyra Antarctica.

And although Ed is one of the most successful names in music at the moment, his daughter doesn’t seem to mind his wonderful voice, as the musician says the 10-month-old baby hates to hear his new songs.

During his appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Kids Ask Difficult Questions program, he said:”I definitely spent hours and hours in front of the mirror, pretending to be who I am today. Practice makes perfect. Now I sing (the new songs) for my daughter, who isn’t my biggest fan. She just cries.”, he joked.

But according to Ed, Lyra does have some favorite songs among her father’s songs, but she doesn’t like most of them: “There are some that she likes. She really likes Shape Of You, the marimba sound is good, but she doesn’t like anything too loud or noisy”, he justifies.

Perfect’s interpreter doesn’t blame his daughter for her opinion of her music, as he himself admitted that he sometimes doesn’t like some of her songs either.

Despite not mentioning which of his songs are on his ‘sort of’ list, Sheeran confessed that some songs he simply ‘hates to sing live’, however, always put them on the list because the public likes them.


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