Eddy Reynoso’s scolding of Canelo before round 12 against Bivol

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If someone suffered too much the defeat of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez against Dmitry Bivol this past weekend, without a doubt it was his coach, Eddy Reynosobecause both they have a relationship as if it were father and sonespecially because he has prepared the Tapatío since he was a young man.

Thus, it is not surprising that Eddy Reynoso spoke strongly to Canelo prior to round 12 against bivolperhaps aware that the fight was leaning in favor of the Russian and with it would come the second defeat in the Mexican’s career.

“How are you feeling, Saul?”questioned Eddy Reynoso to the Cinnamon in his first contact before the Mexican went out to face the last assault against the Russian: “Okay, a little hectic”answered Alvarez.

It’s the last round bastard… grab your breath“, he added Eddyjust like preamble to the strong message that he would send to the Guadalajara to go out and face the last three minutes of the contest against Dmitry Bivol.

“Son, it’s the last round. Do your best here, do things righttwo blows and move the waist, he’s heavier than you and you can’t knock him out anymore. Grab air. Tyou fuckings more minutes, do them right, motherfucker. Give it a head, dude”, were the last words of Eddy to him Cinnamon before consummating his defeat.

(See the words of Eddy Reynoso to Canelo; minute 27:36)

defeat was consummated

the harangue of Eddy Reynoso to the Cinnamon could not tip the scales that had already gone in favor of bivol throughout the previous 11 rounds, so after the final bell, the judges saw the Russian win and thus reflected it on the cards (115-113) so that he managed to retain the WBA light heavyweight world title.

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